Applications & Forms


Nicole Beauchamp, Township Clerk

(269) 381-4382

There are numerous applications, forms, and permits utilized by the Township for various purposes.  In the Applications/Forms/Permits Section to the right we have compiled a list of frequently used documents.  More information when a particular document is required may be found under a specific Department’s page or contact us directly by email or telephone.

Additional documents and permits may be required from other sources than the Township.  For example, applications to construct a driveway or in the County right-of-way must be obtained directly from the Road Commission of Kalamazoo.  A link has been provided below for further details.

RCKC Application to Construct, Operate, Use and/or Maintain Within the Right-of-Way, or to Close, A County Road

RCKC Driveway Permit Applications and Construction Guidelines


Comstock Township now allows the keeping of chickens as an accessory use, on a non-commercial basis, in residential districts BY PERMIT ONLY.  For supplemental information click here. An application is available under the Applications/Forms/Permit Section of this page.


For zoning ordinance information on fences in residential areas click here; Fence Information

For zoning ordinance information on swimming pool fences in residential areas click here; Swimming Pool