Who we are

Comstock Charter Township is a vibrant community located in Kalamazoo County. Known as the bedding capital of the world,” we’re home to many bedding plant growers who supply the world with beautiful flower beds. 

The Comstock community has a diverse and affordable range of housing and residents enjoy miles of paved and unpaved trails. Comstock residents can access the beautiful Kalamazoo River for kayakers, canoers, and fishers. Comstock Charter Township has 9 different parks, including downtown Merrill Park, Cooper Park with its iconic waterfall, and the beloved Robert Morris Park. 

Comstock serves 3 school districts, Comstock, Galesburg, and Gull Lake. It operates 3 Fire Stations and contracts with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff. 

Comstock is the home of the largest greenhouse growers and largest brewery in the state of Michigan.

Join us in Comstock Township, a community in bloom.


Comstock Township was named after Horace Hawkins Comstock, who was an American businessman, lawyer, and politician. He established the village of Comstock, Michigan, where he built a grist mill, ran a store, and acted as the postmaster. When he built a schoolhouse, the people of the area named the surrounding township Comstock Township after him. He built warehouses and docks along the Kalamazoo River in an attempt to turn the village into a trading center, and undertook an unsuccessful campaign to have it named the seat of Kalamazoo County, even though the town of Kalamazoo had already been selected.

Comstock Township then organized by an act of the Territorial Legislature in 1834.

On March 5, 1979 it became a Charter Township, which operates under a home rule charter government, with a Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and four Trustees forming the township board of governance.

You can find more information on Comstock’s rich history in the Comstock Bicentennial Commemorative Book, which was published in 1976.

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