Employment Opportunities in Comstock Township

Just like our community, the workforce at Charter Township of Comstock is continuously growing and expanding. As we seek new talent, we will update this section of our website to reflect the positions that become available. Proudly an equal opportunity employer, the Township welcomes all qualified applicants and sincerely looks forward to welcoming new members to our team.

Click on the Employment Application button to download  the employment application, you will need to fill this form out for any positions you apply for. Even when applying online, we will still need this form filled out for our records.

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This position serves as the primary point of contact for citizens and businesses seeking zoning and planning related information within the Township. Position is responsible for the intake of various zoning and development applications; review of zoning and development applications prior to issuance of construction permits to determine compliance with zoning regulations; consults with professionals, property owners, and contractors to achieve compliance with zoning regulations; assists applicants with development approval process, including site plan, special land use, and variance applications; issues zoning permits; works with the Ordinance Enforcement Officer to investigate and enforce alleged violations of local zoning ordinances and property maintenance codes; provides technical and administrative support to the Planner. This position reports Township Superintendent.

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Under the supervision of a higher classified officer or senior firefighter designated, responds to emergency fire, rescue, and medical service requests as part of a firefighting unit. Carries out a variety of tasks relating to setting up firefighting apparatus, controlling fires and lifesaving, using defined practices, procedures, standards and regulations. In addition, performs routine maintenance and cleaning of fire equipment and facilities of the fire station. Must be physically fit to perform the duties of the job, and mentally capable of performing in stressful situations. Applications can be hand-delivered at Station 9-3 (8700 E. Michigan Ave., Galesburg, MI 49053), mailed to P.O. Box 8, Comstock, MI 49041, or may also be sent via e-mail to