Employment Opportunities in Comstock Township

Just like our community, the workforce at Charter Township of Comstock is continuously growing and expanding. As we seek new talent, we will update this section of our website to reflect the positions that become available. Proudly an equal opportunity employer, the Township welcomes all qualified applicants and sincerely looks forward to welcoming new members to our team.

Click on the Employment Application button to download  the employment application, you will need to fill this form out for any positions you apply for. Even when applying online, we will still need this form filled out for our records.

Employment Application  

Job Title

Under the general direction of the Township Superintendent, maintains the Township’s financial records.  Manages accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, cash management program, and financial statement preparation.  Assists in the preparation and administration of annual Township budget.  Exercises discretion and independent judgment with regards to the Accounting Department and its employees.  Provides Township Officials with information and advises on financially related matters.

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