Freedom of Information Act


Nicole Shook, FOIA Coordinator

(269) 381-4328

To ease the filing of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Comstock Township has gathered all necessary summaries and forms on this page. Detailing how to submit an FOIA request to the Township, what to expect from your request and the Township’s deposit requirements, the included public summary is the recommended starting point. Once you’ve gained an understanding of the process, you will also find the necessary FOIA Request Form included in the repository on this page.

How do I submit a FOIA request to the Township?
  • A request must sufficiently describe a public record so as to enable the Township to find it.
  • Please include the words “FOIA” or “FOIA Request” in the request to assist the Township in providing a prompt response.  
  • Requests to inspect or obtain copies of public records prepared, owned, used, possessed or retained by the Township may be submitted on the Township’s FOIA Request Form, in any other form of writing (letter, fax, email, etc.), or by verbal request. 
    • Any verbal request will be documented by the Township on the Township’s FOIA Request Form. 
    • No specific form to submit a written request is required. However a FOIA Request Form and other FOIA-related forms are available for your use and convenience below under Documents and at the Comstock Township Offices.
  • Written requests may be delivered to the Township Hall in person or by mail:           
    • Office Location:   5858 King Highway, Kalamazoo, MI 49048
    • Mailing Address:  PO Box 449, Comstock, MI 49041-0449
  • Requests may be faxed to: (269) 381-4328. To ensure a prompt response, faxed requests should contain the term “FOIA” or “FOIA Request” on the first/cover page.
  • Requests may be emailed to: To ensure a prompt response, email requests should contain the term “FOIA” or “FOIA Request” in the subject line.