Jodi Stefforia, Community Development Director

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Steve Deisler, Downtown Development Authority Director

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Downtown Development Authority

The Township established a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in 2019. A map of the DDA boundaries is below. The DDA district allows the Township to capture taxes from other taxing jurisdictions through Tax Increment Financing and use them for improvements within the boundaries of the district to increase property values, promote economic development, eliminate causes of deterioration and improve the vitality of the area.

The DDA is run by a governing board appointed by the Township Supervisor with approval of the Township Board. The Township Supervisor is automatically a member. The DDA Board is required to prepare an  annual budget showing the proposed expenditures for the year. The Township Board must approve the DDA’s budget. The DDA Board is authorized to hire a Director, but only with the approval of the Township Board; the Township’s Community Development Director serves as the DDA Director.

Board Members

Sandra Katje, Chair

Jonathan Koets, Vice Chair

Jeffrey Townsend, Secretary/Treasurer

Randy Thompson, Township Supervisor

John Gisler, County Commission Liaison

Steve Deisler, Executive Director

Evan Kowalski

Matt Norman

Anne Summerfield

Budget, Financial Reports & Grants