New Township Facility

Township Board Approves the Purchase of Niko's Landing

Comstock Township’s 5 to 10-year goal was to look at constructing a new Township Hall that could meet the growing needs of the community.  The condition and layout of the current Township Hall makes it difficult to physically access for some residents, to have space for a voting precinct on site, and to have adequate, safe and accessible meeting space. The current building, which was built in 1967, is outdated and functionally obsolete. The Township Board considered the possibility of purchasing Niko’s Landing for $975,000, which would be a more financially feasible option than building a new building.

The Grafos family approached the Township with the idea of purchasing Niko’s Landing, and together they explored the possibility.  Both parties were excited about the idea because of its location in Comstock Center, easy access to residents with ample parking, and a beautiful setting on the river. The Township Board discussed the option and with the cost of the building and remodel together being much lower than building a new Township Hall, they decided it was a perfect fit and an opportunity they wanted to pursue.

On behalf of the Township Board, I am excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with the Grafos Family to purchase Niko’s Landing to become the new Township Hall.

Work begins on new facility

We’ve begun working on the new facility. On May 25th, the Comstock Maintenance team spent a rainy day ripping up the carpet and laminate flooring in the former Niko’s Landing building. At this time, the Township has hired Schley Nelsen Architects to design a plan for the building. We are expecting the preliminary plans to be back next week.

Out to bid

By November 17, 2022, the plans for the new Township Hall had been sent out for bids.

Bid Comparison

Please see the bid comparison for the new Township Hall below. The document can be downloaded as a PDF.

Kalleward Group begins work on New Hall

By February 2, 2023, the Kalleward Group had started work on the New Township Hall! You can see contractors working on ripping out some of the drywall from the building.

Update from the Kalleward Group

The Kalleward Group shared these pictures with Township residents on Facebook on February 10, 2023. It was exciting to see the progress they had made on the new building. As you can see in the caption that the Kalleward Group shared, the company built the original building.

Our Progress as of March 24, 2023

We stopped by the Comstock Charter Township’s New Hall on Friday, March 24, 2023 to see the progress that the Kalleward Group has made. It was wonderful to see the new facility taking shape, seeing where the future township hall and office will be.

A Walkthrough of Our New Facility