October 27, 2022

The Public Accuracy Test for the November 8th election

On October 27th, 2022 at 9:00 A.M., Comstock Charter Township held our Public Accuracy Test, in conjunction with the other jurisdictions within Kalamazoo County, for the November 8th general election.

The Public Accuracy Test is done to ensure our tabulators are counting ballots and casting votes correctly.

Comstock Township Clerk Nicole Beauchamp, Election Specialist Nicole Shook, Election Commissioners Terry McIver and Jason Knight, and Election Inspector Dan inserted predetermined test ballots, specifically printed for this test, into all the tabulators used for Comstock Township elections. 

First, zero tapes are printed to ensure zero votes have been cast. Then test ballots with every possible voting scenario, including choices that would invalidate a ballot such as voting for too many candidates, are inserted into the tabulator.

At the end of the test, totals tapes are again printed out and verified to ensure that the tabulators correctly counted the cast votes.

These tests also ensure that if voters make a mistake, the tabulator will inform them and ask if they want to cast their ballot anyway or spoil their ballot and receive a new one.

Check out our election page for more information.