October 26, 2022

Haunt your House Winners

On Monday, October 24th Comstock Charter Township Supervisor Randy Thompson, Parks and Recreation Director Danielle Markle, and Communications Development Coordinator Matt Miller had a freighting night as they judged Comstock’s first ever “Haunt your House.”

The winner

Congratulations to Sherri Keizer on Berry Street for winning the top prize. Supervisor Thompson picked this house because it was so creative and spooky. Sherri choose to use a mixture of store bought and homemade decorations to create a haunted trail to their front door. It was very clear from the beginning that so much thought went into creating this spooky scene.


Second Place

Congratulations to Lisa Dando on Lantana Street for 2nd place. We loved the amount of fun and scary decorations she had collected over the years. Supervisor Thompson loves the thought Lisa put into her decorations as well, including someone getting an unfortunate “grilling.”

Third place

Third place went to Jim Barrett. The homeowners have spent several years collecting tons of these animatronics and they were working great. It was fun to see so many lights and hear so many spooky sounds. Supervisor Thompson picked this home because of how fun the animatronics are. It was a spooky cornucopia of lights and scary sounds.

Honorable Mentions

We had so many amazing haunted houses we had to have 2 honorable mentions. Our first honorable mention is Toni McCulloch, who had a extra spooky garden with lots of skeletons and critters. The second honorable mention is Nate Hill and Kelly Palmer, who had not only a graveyard, but also skeletons climbing up their chimney.

All the awesome houses

We saw so many creative and fun houses, we wanted to make sure none of them were left out!