August 29, 2022

Comstock makes it’s mark, our Redevelopment Ready Community Certificate Ceremony

On August 16th, 2022, Comstock Township marked a historic milestone.

“Today we’re excited to celebrate we’ve been certified as a Redevelopment Ready Community through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation,” Randy Thompson, Township Supervisor said, “I’ve seen Comstock grow while keeping its charm.”

Redevelopment Ready Communities is a free program through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

It helps communities attract developers, businesses, and investors by streamlining their approval processes, identifying strengths and opportunities within their communities and make sure information is available 24-7.

Jodi Stefforia, Comstock Charter Township’s Community Development Director said that “Getting everything out there like the MEDC wants has really benefited the community. And it’s only going to continue to benefit us.”

Director Stefforia spearheaded the project.

Supervisor Thompson said that “If it wasn’t for her, this would have not happened”

Director Stefforia began the process 4 years ago, when she brought the idea to the Planning Commission in the fall of 2018.

The Township Board adopted a resolution of intent to pursue certification as a Redevelopment Ready Community in December of Fall 2018.

In April of this year, the Township Board adopted an Economic Development, Marketing and Branding strategy the final Best Practice needed to be certified. The strategy was prepared by a Steering Committee made up of community stakeholders with help from a consultant.

The Township was officially certified in June of 2022.

State Senator Sean McCann said, “Congratulations on your work, this is a great tribute to the community.”

The accomplishment was formally recognized with a Redevelopment Ready Community Certification Ceremony, attended by community members, representatives from the MEDC, and lawmakers from both Lansing and Washington.

It was an important time for the Township to mark the hard work that went into becoming an Redevelopment Ready Community.

State Representative Matt Hall said, “They showed me the book, it’s a pretty thick book, of all the criteria and things that you have to do to become a model city for economic development, or model region, township.”

Michelle Parkkonen, Michigan Economic Development Corp, Managing Director of Technical Assistance Program said “Everyone has mentioned this is hard work to achieve this certification. I think it’s a huge testament to the support of not only Township Supervisor Thompson, but the Township Board and the Planning Commission”

Peter Dickow, Representative for Senator Gary Peters said, “Michigan is so full of wonderful, small communities that have their own unique character and we’re just pleased to see that Comstock is added to that list.”

Comstock is the 63rd certified community and we’re only the 3rd Township Certified as a Redevelopment Ready Community.