February 23, 2022

For Immediate Release: High River/Stream- February 23,2022

(Subject: High River/Stream Levels 02/22/2022)

The Kalamazoo County Office of Emergency Management and other local authorities have been closely monitoring river and stream levels in anticipation of possible minor local area flooding. Recent snowfall, rain, and now higher temperatures melting the snowpack, combined to cause water levels to rise quickly over the last 72 hours or so.
The OEM and the Sheriff’s Office have been in constant contact with other local partners, including the operators of Morrow Dam, immediately upstream of Comstock on the Kalamazoo River. The dam operators report that they had increased flows into the river in order to draw down the levels on Morrow Pond. This gave them some “head room” to absorb increased flows from upstream, which were expected if rainfall amounts reached the higher end of the forecast.
The rain is tapering off and is expected to end around 6pm this evening in our area. Freezing temperatures are not expected until much later tonight.
Caution is still advised around areas prone to flooding, especially low-lying roadways and adjacent to the river. Some residences and business may also see minor impacts from this event.
Please stay tuned to local news sources, and report any dangerous conditions to Central Dispatch using 9-1-1 only for immediate threats to life or property. Non-emergency situations can be called in via the KCCDA Public line at:
(269) 488-8911
The situation is currently stable and expected to remain so. We will be provide updates if the situation warrants.