December 15, 2021

Streetlight Outage Reporting Tool- Consumers Energy

Exciting News!! Streetlight Outage Reporting Tool

Consumers Energy has made additional updates to the Streetlight Outage Reporting Tool. These new features will give our schedulers and service workers even more details for finding and fixing streetlights quickly and safely.


These new features are available now in the Consumer’s Energy Streetlight Outage Reporting Tool:


  • Upload a photo: With this feature, you will be able to choose a photo from your device gallery, or allow the tool to connect to your camera to safely take a photo of the streetlight in question.  Information in the photo will allow schedulers to see what the issue is to properly dispatch a service worker to the light.  Information in the photo will also allow service workers to locate the light more quickly when they are at the site.


  • Drop a pin: We know that we are missing some lights on the map.  With this feature, we are allowing you to zoom into the area where there is a missing light and drop a pin in the exact location of that light.  We urge you to give as much detail as possible when describing the issue, and even attach a photo of the light.  Our team will review the report to confirm it belongs to Consumer’s Energy, and dispatch a truck out as quickly as possible fix it.  In addition to that, we will add the light details to our database and make sure it is visible on our map.


  • Check outage Status: Given that you report many outages within your municipality it is important that you are able to easily get a listing of those outages and status of each. By simply providing your Email, phone or notification # you are able to quick see the outage(s) you have submitted.


  • More statuses of lights on the map: We have also added a status for lights in Extended Repair (ie. those requiring traffic control or have bad underground etc.), as well as lights from pin drops that we have determined to not be Consumers Energy lights, thereby preventing others from reporting it to us again.


Thank you for your continued support.  We hope that the Streetlight Outage Reporting Tool has made it easier for you and your constituents reporting streetlight outages to keep your community safe.  We urge you to keep reporting outages when needed and use these new features to help make the process to fix them even faster and safer for our team.