October 30, 2020

Metro Service Hours Increasing After Recent Reduction Due to COVID-19

Kalamazoo,Ml- Metro’s fixed route  buses will begin operating additional service hours starting Monday, November 2.  On October  12, Metro reduced hours of operation for the fixed route  system due to a staff shortage  as a result  of COVID-19.

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Beginning  November 2, the fixed  route  buses will  operate  from  6:15 am to 10:08 pm Monday through Thursday and 6:15am to 6:08pm Friday and Saturday. Sunday bus service is not available.  Major routes, such as Route 1-Westnedge and Route 9-Gull will have half-hour service until  6:08 pm weekdays.  Route 12-Duke bus will not be operating until further notice.  Individual system route schedules are available on Metro’s website at or on Facebook (Metro Transit) since some routes will have different start and ending times.   Updates will also be posted on buses and bus shelters throughout the community.

“We have appreciated the public’s  patience during this time.   As a transit  system, we are working hard to provide essential  transportation to those needing  rides to  work, medical  appointments and groceries,” stated Sean McBride, Executive Director of Metro.  11Metro continues to monitor COVID cases in the region and will continue to make adjustments as necessary as we continue to operate  through the pandemic.”

Although  nightly  cleaning is occurring, and riders are respecting  the use of masks and social distancing  on the bus, riders need to be aware that additional changes in hours of operation could occur again.  Updates are available online or by calling (269) 337-8222.

Metro  Connect  hours  have not changed and will continue to operate from  6:00am to 12:15 am Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 10:15  pm  on Saturday  and 8:00 am to  6:00 pm  on Sunday.   Rides can be scheduled  up to seven days in advance by calling (269) 350-2970.

When  riding  either  Metro or Metro Connect, riders  must  wear  a mask that  covers  both  the  nose and mouth and  use hand  sanitizer  when  boarding.    Metro continues  to  be free  to  ride  with  passengers boarding from the rear door.  Due to the increased need for riders using the bus for essential trips, Metro asks that riders plan trips accordingly and ride only when necessary.